Sustainability Self-Assessment Tool – Overview

The GBTA Sustainability Self-Assessment Tool is composed of a demographics section and 10 categories (listed below) and is designed to give organisations an overall understanding of where they stand in terms of sustainability initiatives within their travel program.


Start the assessment by going to the Start Assessment tab. There, please first complete the demographic section and then proceed with the Overall Sustainability Programme category followed by the Policies and Procedures one. Once you have completed these, you will be able to complete any of the other 7 categories in the order you desire.


Starting with the Overall Sustainability Programme category, you will receive a set of recommendations (visit the My SSAT - Recommendations section once a category is complete) you can use to understand what are your organisation’s strengths and gaps in sustainability as they related to travel. You will receive a set of recommendations after each category has been completed. You do not have to complete all the categories at once; take the assessment at your own pace and just remember to come back to either update your responses or continue your path through the tool.


In the Summary section you will find a snap shot of how you are doing within the self-assessment. Each time you complete a category (with the exception of the Overall Sustainability Program) you will be scored based on your answers which determine the level of maturity your program is at. For a description of the levels, please visit the “Levels” section of this assessment. Once you have completed all categories, your overall maturity level will be determined.


Sustainability Self-Assessment Tool Categories:


Overall Sustainability Programme: 13 questions

This category asks about sustainability initiatives in general that your organisation might be doing. Understanding if sustainability is already part of your organisation’s culture or not will guide you on where to start or how to improve your programme.


Policies and Procedures: 13 questions

You will find questions specific to policies and procedures on sustainability initiatives within your travel programme here. Knowing if the pillars of your sustainability travel programme are in place will help you determine where to go next; do you need to strengthen those pillars or is your programme ready to focus on a different area of travel?


Air, Hotel, Car Rental, Rail and Other transportation: Between 11 – 14 questions each

These categories get to the heart of your travel programme. Complete each of these categories at your own pace based on your travel programme’s initiatives. If you have already implemented sustainability initiates within your Air programme, take this section and see if you still have gaps or see where your strengths are. Then identify where your programme needs to go next and take that particular category to obtain recommendations that can guide you in your process.


Meeting and Events: 16 questions

Identify if you are the right person to complete this category.  The person or team responsible for managing meetings and events for your organisation will be better suited to complete this section. If you are the indicated person, you will find questions regarding sustainability elements within your meetings programme.


Traveller Well-being: 17 questions

The questions on this section will assess if your programme has incorporated traveller well-being initiatives and if it has, what elements are in place. If you know initiatives are not in place, complete this category to obtain ideas on what your organisation should be doing to take care of their employees when they travel.


Programme Communications: 20 questions

This category evaluates how your organisation is communicating all sustainability initiatives, policies and procedures both to internal and external audiences.


If you have any questions or technical difficulties, please contact Paul Yachnes at for assistance.