Sustainability Self-Assessment Tool – Levels

Prompts based on total average maturity level after self-assessment


The model is designed to assess an organization’s “maturity” on the following scale:


Level 1Initial –Based on your answers it seems that you have already started the journey towards responsible travel management – this in itself is already a great achievement! It is important to keep the focus now as the topic could get too broad to be manageable. Before you proceed it might be worthwhile to step back: Have you gathered the facts and developed a network of "friends" and "partners" that will help you in developing a sound business case and in making this initiative a success? To know your rough carbon footprint is equally important as to have uncovered your organization’s disposition towards sustainability in general and the relevant technical and operational infrastructure. Good luck in your endeavor and don’t forget to look at the tools and reference material provided in the Resource section of this tool.


Level 2Recognizing– Based on your answers it seems that you are in the process of establishing responsible travel management in your organization – well done in creating the momentum! Some of the successes so far you might have been able to pull off yourself and some components might have been in place before. The further down in the process you are the more important for you it will be to collaborate and work with partners. These can come from various functions and business units but also 3rd parties (e.g. the travel agency, the fleet management provider, the video conferencing supplier or a neutral consultant). The next steps will require decisions on the options for actions you and the team will have compiled. Make sure that you have a good understanding around the "why?", "what?" and "who?" so that you can brief the project sponsor – he/she in return will help to open doors, provide resources and push the topic with top management from a strategic perspective. This is an exciting phase in your initiative.


Level 3Shaping– Based on your answers it seems that you have established a platform to make responsible travel management a success in your organization – this is such a great achievement that we hope that you are willing to share your experiences with GBTA and their member organizations! Please contact us if you are willing to share your insight. Given where you are now you have already uncovered what works and what doesn’t in your organization and you know that the formula of success is a good strategy combined with effective execution. Now is the right time to set more ambitious goals in the key areas of responsible travel management. A true partnership approach across functions, hierarchy levels and even across boundaries will be crucial for success. Remember to track the progress against your targets so that you can share your successes in ways that can be incorporated into e.g. the sustainability report. You have the opportunity to shape the success not only for your organization but also increase the value-add that your travel suppliers provide to you. When involving the suppliers, a key success factor is clear and consistent communication on the purpose of the initiative, its goals and how it fits into the bigger picture.


Level 4Managing– This is such a great achievement that we hope that you are willing to share your insight with GBTA! Please contact us if you are willing to share your success story. Given the level of sophistication you have achieved already you know your stakeholders, can demonstrate the value of the program and manage the complexity of several dimensions – outside the price and service focus – even to the extent of influencing the demand for travel. The opportunities to improving the program are to bring in other areas of corporate mobility into the scope (e.g. commuter traffic) and treat responsible travel management less as a separate initiative but integrating it into "normal" travel management, i.e. into day-to-day activities and organizational planning: From budgeting ("How many trips do we really need to take in my department this year?"), via planning the trip ("Can we postpone the meeting in four weeks by two days so that I can combine it with my client visit I arranged there?"), to management reporting ("By how much have we reduced our carbon emissions in relation to our revenue and in absolute terms in the last quarter?").


Level 5Integrated– Based on your answers it seems that your responsible travel management program is at the highest level of sophistication: Embedded into the organization at every level, across the supply chain and integrated into the end-to-end travel and corporate mobility process.

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